Customisation & bespoke design

Customisation & Bespoke Design

We pride ourselves on our manufacturing heritage and maintain those skills today through an extensive range of customisation options for the pool and snooker tables we supply. There is very little our team can’t do to create the table of your dreams whether that means fitting a printed cloth of your own design or complete customisation of the pool table cabinet to match a specific theme, style or colour scheme. We also regularly work with interior designers and clients who are looking for something totally unique and create one off pieces to their specification. So if your home requires something a little bit different we can help.
Customisation & bespoke design

Reconditioned pool tables

A reconditioned pool table offers the savvy shopper a professional standard pub-style pool table at a fraction of the price new. We manage some 250 pool tables for our brewery clients, such as Marston's and Enterprise Inns, and regularly replace tables to keep the fleet in peak condition. Those commercial models that we "retire" are put through a thorough reconditioning process before being made available to buy as high quality second hand pool tables, fitted with your choice of cloth. As you might expect these are classic pub models such as the Supreme Winner, Supreme Prince, DPT Omega, DPT Ascot and DPT Fusion, all of which have enduring appeal as well as being the tables of choice for the major championships.
Reconditioned pub pool tables
Pool Table Servicing and Reclothing

Servicing and Reclothing

If you pool table is starting to show a little wear and tear, a service can bring it back to peak performance. A standard service includes a complete removal of the existing cloth, a thorough clean and check of the slate, ball runs, and coin mechanism (if your table has one.) We then re-cover the cushion rails and slate in your choice of any Club, Hainsworth, or Custom cloth, re-mark the slate and re-level the table ready for play. Remember that we can fit any cloth to any table for you, including custom printed or designed cloths, so for a modest investment you can completely update and personalise the look of the table.
Pool Table Servicing and Reclothing

Part Exchange & Moving Service

If you are upgrading your pool table to a new model, talk to us about part exchange. Because we offer an ongoing reconditioning service we are one of the few companies who welcome part exchange as well as being able to offer unbeatable value on your new table. For those just looking for a little help relocating their current table, we can also help. Pool tables weigh close to 200kg so to avoid injury or breakages we do strongly recommend using professionals to move a table any distance. It takes our team about half an hour to dismantle the table, which we can store temporarily for you if required, before delivering and re-assembling in the new location ready for play.
Pool table installation by kingswood

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