The choice of cloth can make the difference between a pool table in your home and a pool table that looks made for your home. So we have curated a collection of beautiful cloths, available on every table model, so that you have complete flexibility to create the table of your dreams. We've also developed our unique Table Builder so that once you have chosen a model you can experiment with different cabinet and cloth combinations to find the perfect look. Finally, we undertake most cloth fitting in-house so we retain complete control of the quality and finish of this most vital aspect of play.

Club Cloths from Kingswood

The Club range is a small collection of Strachan West of England Cloths in our most popular shades that combine with the cabinet finishes to stunning effect. Strachan cloth has been made in the West of England since 1890 and is a 100% pure new wool napped cloth, ideal for English pool and with a classic appearance, lustre and sheen. We feature green, black, blue, purple, and red in the club cloth range, supplied and fitted within the price of your table, including our reconditioned pool tables. This is, therefore, the ideal cloth range to browse for those seeking a professional, hard-wearing table at an affordable price.
Club Cloths from Kingswood
Hainsworth Smart Cloth & Elite Pro cloths

Hainsworth Smart and Elite Pro

Alternatively you can upgrade to one of the Hainsworth cloths for a greater choice of cloth colours and additional play benefits. The key differences between the two ranges we fit are the cloth fabric and the resulting speed of play. The Hainsworth Smart is an extremely hard-wearing, napped woollen cloth available in twenty-three shades and with exceptional colour fastness and longevity. If you are keen to personalise your table, this is the ideal investment cloth to consider. The Hainsworth Elite Pro is a nappless, worsted, speed cloth ideal for the fast, American game but with a similar range of beautiful colours.
Hainsworth Smart Cloth & Elite Pro cloths

Can I upgrade to a Hainsworth Cloth?

With an in-house team of fitters, Kingswood can supply any table in the range fitted with your choice of Hainsworth cloth and are fitted as standard at no extra cost on the Kingswood Aspen, Kingwood Oak, any table from the Billards Plaisance range and any luxury pool table (with the exception of the Milano). For all other models, upgrading to a Hainsworth Elite Pro or Smart cloth adds just £100 to the overall cost of the table, based on a standard 7ft table. The only table models that cannot be fitted with a Hainsworth Smart cloth are the outdoor tables. They can, however, be fitted with your choice of Elite Pro cloth. You'll see all the available options when you select a table and configure your preferences in our Table Builder but if you have any queries do just contact us.
avant garde pool table with Hainsworth Smart cloth in Orange
Kingswood Cloth Partner Hainsworth

Why we choose Hainsworth cloths

Hainsworth is a global leader in textile development and manufacture, producing fabrics of unrivalled and enduring quality since 1783. Among their many markets, the company supply fabrics to the fashion and interiors sectors, to the military for ceremonial uniforms, to Parliament for furnishings in The Wool Sack, the seat of the Lord Speaker in the House of Lords, and to emergency personal who require innovative protective fabrics every day. Hainsworth also produce the leading range of high quality, woollen and worsted cloths used on the best snooker and pool tables around the world. We highly recommend the Hainsworth cloths for the combination of quality, speed, ball response, and the extensive range of beautiful colours to perfectly blend with your setting.
Kingswood Cloth Partner Hainsworth

Custom Cloth Printing

We specialise in creating unique pool tables through a range of customisation options, including bespoke cloth printing using a logo, unique design, or branding of your choice. Just ring us when you have found the table you would like and we will check the design and confirm the logo positioning and colours. We will also double check if any permissions are needed before printing, which can normally be easily obtained for private use. We custom print onto napless cloth for a finer finish and have a huge range of cloth colours available. If you already own a pool table and just want to freshen it up, we can fit a custom printed cloth as part of our re-clothing service. lf you have any queries at all just call our team for advice.
Custom Cloth Printing from Kingswood

Look Books

Can't decide on the pool table for you? No problem. We put our favourite models through their paces in different settings to help you. If you are looking for inspiration then these Look Books are just the ticket.

Pool dining tables for family spaces

Family Space

We let our own children, parents, spouses and friends loose on our best family-friendly pool dining tables that are robust enough to stand up to serious amounts of fun.
Affordable but stylish pool dining tables

First Home

The perfect compromise for those struggling to repress their inner lad. As you'll see, these stylish but affordable pool dining tables ensure both fun and eye appeal are at the heart of your new home together.
Pool tables for your man cave

Man Cave

This look book is about escapism and creating the pool table of your dreams without compromise. Whether your Man Cave is a panelled billiards room or a garage, we got some inspiring looks that everyone will love.

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