Kingswood Leisure is a family owned pool and snooker specialist. From our base in the West Midlands, we supply a select range of the best pool and snooker tables to both commercial and private customers nationwide including Marston's and Enterprise Inns, the NHS, Her Majesty's Prison Service, The BBC, the Armed Forces and of course the hundreds of home pool players. We're part of the history of pool in the UK, and proudly support the players today with the same dedication as we did when we started out in 1974.

There at the beginning

Kingwood is owned and run by father and son team, Mike and John Yates. Mike started the company in 1974 with his father-in-law, manufacturing mainly coin operated pool tables for the booming pub scene in the Midlands. Pool had been introduced into the UK by Rex Williams, World Billiard Champion. Williams decided to test the British appetite for the game in collaboration with Ansell’s Breweries, adding pool tables to public houses in Birmingham. The tables proved an immediate hit and Williams began supplying this burgeoning market with tables made by Kingswood’s craftsmen. This photo from the archives
One of the early Kingwood pool tables
The Kingwood pool hall in Wolverhampton

A trusted partner

In the early 80s, Kingswood opened their first pool hall in Wolverhampton, expanding to another a few years later. These were buzzing throughout the decade, highlighting how the Brits were taking the game to their hearts. Pool was thriving and Kingwood continued to supply the pub trade, mainly through Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries, who later became Marston’s. This 30 year relationship with the major Midlands brewery remains strong today and we continue to supply and maintain the majority of their pub pool tables. We also supply the Enterprise Inns chain of pubs and are always looking to develop new relationships with breweries to support pool in the pubs, the original home of the game.
The Kingwood pool hall in Wolverhampton

Family owned and run

John grew up in the business, helping at the pool hall from a young age and touring Kingswood’s commercial customers with Mike. (He's the cheeky looking little boy third from the right in this old photograph!) There wasn't much he didn't learnt about pool during those years and later, with a business degree under his belt, John began working full time in the family business to meet the growing demand for commercial tables and respond to the surge in home pool playing. With Mike and John’s collective experience, Kingswood has become a major operator in the UK pool market.
a skilled team of craftsmen

A skilled in house team

Throughout the last 40 years, Kingswood has maintained at the heart of the company an unshakable belief in a quality product perfectly installed to give a great game. Kingswood still has a skilled team of fitters, cabinet makers and polishers with over 60 years combined experience of building, refurbishing and installing pool and snooker tables. These days the team put their talents to offering an extensive range of customisation options for the pool tables in the range, as well as bespoke design service. Having this skills on tap also means we can offer simple additions that make a big difference when buying a pool table of your own, such as fitting any cloth on any table. All in all, there is very little the team can’t do to create the table of your dreams
a skilled team of craftsmen

The next 40 years

The way pool is played has changed hugely in the last few years. The number of home players has increased enormously, especially with the innovation of the pool dining table, and pubs are now family-friendly venues rather than the smokey dens of the past. Pool is a social game for the young and young at heart and increasingly a way to bring friends and family together. How John's children are learning about the game is vastly difference to his own steep learning curve in the Wolverhampton pool halls. So we are innovating by supplying more tables that ever to meet today's home requirements of the game as well as developing ways to support and challenge the pub pool player. All this, in combination with long-standing relationships with the major manufacturers, ensures Kingswood continue to deliver in the future, just as they did in 1974.
Family friendly pool at Kingswood leisure

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